• Functional Training
  • Back Injury Prevention
  • Balance Training
  • Body Sculpting
  • Cardio Program Design
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Circuit Training
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Lower Extremity Injury Prevention
  • Muscle Imbalance Correctional
  • Reactive Neuromuscular Training
  • Seniors Fitness
  • Traditional Strength Training
  • Training Imbalances
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Women’s Health

Every first session is FREE! That’s right, I said FREE. I wouldn’t lay down my hard earned cash for a car that I wasn’t allowed to test drive first, and I don’t expect you to do it for training either. Come on down to my spot outside in sunny Santa Monica and take me for a test drive. Don't like working out outdoors? don't fret, pet - we can always go into the gym (no charge for that either)....


Stop procrastinating and jump in. Feel better sweating with someone else sweating beside you? Assemble some of your friends, bond, and save some dough! Try these specials on for size:



TANDEM SESSIONS – (2 people) 70.00 per session*

SEMI PRIVATE SESSIONS (3-5 people) as low as 30.00 per session**

All pricing includes strength training/conditioning, fitness assessment, biometrics (body fat test, etc.), and individualized nutritional coaching

* per person - based on purchase of 20 session package

**3 person class – 40.00 per session, 4 person class – 35.00 per session, 5 person class – 30.00 per session














You don’t need a personal trainer. There; It’s out. That’s the hard truth about getting in shape. You can go at it on your own; trying out the “5 Minute Summer Ab Routine” that you tore out of “ In Shape” magazine or the “Python Arms of Steel” routine ripped from the pages of "Muscle and Fitness" (guaranteed to make the ladies drop the thong faster than you can say “stick a steroid filled syringe in my ass”….). Or you can wander aimlessly through the gym, like a chosen one through the desert, hoping that THIS machine will somehow rid you of the change purse that hangs from the back of your arms, or that THAT machine will miraculously do away with the gut that has obscured your view of your member for years now. You can do it. It will most likely take years, though.
Take a moment and imagine that you live in sunny California (it shouldn’t be too hard). For whatever reason, you have decided to take a road trip to Pierre, South Dakota. Could you simply pack your bags and drive there without a map? Sure you could! The fact is that you know it's somewhere east and probably a bit north. So if you drive in those general directions, after winding up in Cheyenne first and then, through brilliant guesswork, New Mexico, you will EVENTUALLY arrive there. Wouldn’t it make more sense, though, to use a map? Wouldn’t you arrive in beautiful downtown Pierre (is there such a thing?) in a fraction of the time? Pure and Simple™ is that map. I am here to get you from point A to point B in a fraction of the time it would take you to get there on your own. I know what works and I know what doesn’t work.
I'm here to tell the truth about fitness. I believe that it is a disservice to tell you that doing 1001 crunches, from every angle imaginable, is going to give you “ripped” abs (even if you have a 5 inch thick sheath of blubber covering them). It’s bullshit. The TRUTH is that all the crunches in the world aren’t going to improve the aesthetics of your midsection. The TRUTH is that those ever-elusive abs will not see the light o’ day until you put down the donut and get your ass on a treadmill.
This site is about fitness, Pure and Simple™. I believe in bare-bones fitness – fitness actually based on science, the principles of physiology, and kinesiology (oh my!). My goal is to bring information to you in an entertaining, yet instructive, manner. I hope you enjoy my site and, more importantly , I hope that you learn something.