Measuring body composition is an important factor in determining goals and measuring progress in any fitness program. There are various methods used to test clients’ body fat. They are:

Those Handheld Body fat testers(there is a more comprehensive, controlled method that is costly that is much more accurate) that use Bioelectrical Impendence to determine your body fat – the Handheld is not my preferred method of accurately determining body fat, since readings can be affected by hydration levels, food intake, skin temperature, and other factors.

BMI (Body Mass Index) estimates subject’s body composition by simply using height and weight measurements. Antiquated, in my opinion, and usually way off. Not my cup o’ tea

Skinfold Measurementstaken from multiple sites on the body to measure subcutaneous fat using special calipers. Not the GOLD standard, but more accurate than the first two listed above

DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry)  - one of the, if not THE most accurate method, as DEXA uses 2 X-ray energies to measure body fat, muscle, and bone. Expensive!!

Bod Pod uses air displacement to measure body volume. Results can be affected by hydration status and increased muscle temperature.

Hydrostatic Weighing in my estimation, the gold standard (besides DEXA – which costs a fortune), with a +/- 1.5% margin of error. Subjects are submerged in a tank and there is a buoyant counter force equal to the weight of the water which is displaced.

Clients who commit to the 20 session package will receive a Hydrostatic Weighing Assessment paid for by Pure and Simple tm . This offer can be applied to the Downtown Residents offer, as well!


Stop procrastinating and jump in. Feel better sweating with someone else sweating beside you? Assemble some of your friends, bond, and save some dough! Try these specials on for size:



TANDEM SESSIONS – (2 people) 70.00 per session*

SEMI PRIVATE SESSIONS (3-5 people) as low as 30.00 per session**

All pricing includes strength training/conditioning, fitness assessment, biometrics (body fat test, etc.), and individualized nutritional coaching

* per person - based on purchase of 20 session package

**3 person class – 40.00 per session, 4 person class – 35.00 per session, 5 person class – 30.00 per session










Archived Pearls Of Wisdom





Ok, quick, the kids are asleep (or in front of the television, mouths agape and eyes transfixed to the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba)! You’ve been meaning to go to the gym to get in a workout, but between work, chauffeuring the offspring from school to art class, grocery shopping, returning emails, making dinner.... (need I go on?) – you haven’t been able to put together enough time to pee, much less sneak away to the gym. You remember the gym: the one you’ve been paying a membership fee to for God knows how long, but whose threshold you haven’t crossed in over a year. All is not lost, however. Now is your chance to get in a quick, effective workout that can be done at home with equipment you already have laying around. There are only 4 things required for this workout: 1) a 20-30 minute window of time when you will be undisturbed, 2) a plastic milk/oj jug that is filled with water (it can be a gallon or a quart jug depending on your level of strength/skill), 3) your body, and 4) some sweat equity because you are going to work as hard as you can in a small window of time. So? What are you waiting for? Hurry, before they wake up, or before the ending credits start rolling on Yo Gabba Gabba!

Go To Your Chair!

This is a version of an age old yoga asana, but the twist here: its weighted.

  • Place your feet a bit wider than hip wide apart (Fig. 1a)
  • Holding the jug as close to the front of your body as possible, go down into a squat. Make sure that you sit through your heels, not your toes, and make certain that you are flexed at the hip (i.e. - stick out your ass) and not at your spine (i.e. - hunchbacked) (Fig. 1b.)
  • Hold position for 5 seconds (breathe please) and then stand up
  • Repeat squat and hold for another 5 seconds. You will do this, but the catch : each static chair squat is held progressively longer. So the the entire sequence for a full set would be 5 sec X 2, 8 sec X 2, 10 sec X 2, 12 sec X 2. Once this completed, move on to the:




 Table Top Drops

  This multi-joint exercise works your hip flexors, abs/lower back, and strengthens your arms/shoulders. Another suped-up version of a yoga asana, this is a great intro to being able to do a full, real pushup.

  • Get into a planked position with your hands shoulder width apart. Make sure that your shoulders are stacked directly over your wrists. (Fig. 2a)
  • Bring one knee up towards your chest and extend it back out. Do the same with the opposite knee. (Fig. 2b-2c)
  • Drop down to one forearm. Do the same with the opposite forearm. You are now in a lower plank position (Fig 2d-2e)
  • Push up with the first arm you dropped down on. Push up with the opposite arm. You are now back in the beginning planked postion. (Fig 2f-2g)



  • Rinse and repeat until you simply cannot do another one, and then move on to:


Pick Up - Drop Off

  This is a functional exercise and great for anyone who regularly picks up anything below waist level (children, toys, loose change....). Pick up any of these items the wrong way and you can easily "throw out" your back and its back to the chiropractor and another donation to his kids' college fund. Not only does this exercise help condition your body to avoid back injury, but it's super for strengthening your quads and glutes!

  • Stand neutral with feet a tad narrower than hip wide apart, holding the jug in one hand. (Fig 3a)
  • Lunge forward (with the leg on the same side holding the jug) and place the jug on the floor on the outside of the forward foot.  Do not kneel on the floor with your rear knee. Ouch. (Fig 3b)
  • Push back to neutral position, empty handed.(Fig 3c)
  • Lunge forward again, this time picking up the jug. Make sure that you are reaching the jug not by rounding at your back (bending over), but by allowing for flexion (bending) at the hip/knee.
  • Push back into neutral stance, jug in hand.
  • Rinse and repeat, making sure that you do both sides.



  The goal is to complete at least 3 sets of each exercise in 20-30 minutes, with each set consisting of 8-12 repetitions (per side on the Pick Up - Drop Off's). It should be possible to find at least three 20-30 minute windows during the week and that will definitely make a difference. When it starts to get too easy, increase the intensity by upping the number of repetitions, putting more water in your jug, or cutting down on rest between sets.

The kids will soon start fighting again, or the phone will ring, email will come through, and you just realized that you are out of milk and have to go back to the grocery store, but hey - you just did a full workout. Give yourself a pat on the back.


Peace and Chicken Grease.






photos by mace bendewald

Reader Comments (6)

I found you on Momologie today. Thanks for the great exercise tips! I can't wait to give them a try.

August 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLisa

What other item could I use if I don't have a milk jug? Would a bottle of laundry detergent be okay?

Thank you-

Molly J

August 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJamie

Hi Frankie-

I read about you on Momologie. Is there a workout video you could recommend? I've tried several and find them all very boring.

Thanks in advance...

August 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterElizabeth

thanks lisa!! so glad that you found them interesting. keep checking for new tips on exercises, and look for videos of SUPER cool stuff on the "funky-ass exercises" page. COMING SOON!

August 30, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfrankie

Molly - YES! a laundry bottle would work just fine.
another tip: once you having been doing the Pick Up Drop Off for a while, try picking up the laundry detergent bottle without even looking at it. this will develop your proprioceptive skills, which will make you an even BETTER performing machine!!

peace out!


August 30, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfrankie

elizabeth -
thanks for checking out my exercises. hopefully you won't find these too boring. i will be posting some interesting exercises on the "funky-ass exercises" page, so hopefully they will help you mix things up, but until then - you might want to check out P90X. its really the only thing I'VE seen that has validity. good luck and please come back!

August 30, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterfrankie

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