Every first session is FREE! That’s right, I said FREE. I wouldn’t lay down my hard earned cash for a car that I wasn’t allowed to test drive first, and I don’t expect you to do it for training either. Come on down to my spot outside in sunny Santa Monica and take me for a test drive. Don't like working out outdoors? don't fret, pet - we can always go into the gym (no charge for that either)....


Stop procrastinating and jump in. Feel better sweating with someone else sweating beside you? Assemble some of your friends, bond, and save some dough! Try these specials on for size:



TANDEM SESSIONS – (2 people) 70.00 per session*

SEMI PRIVATE SESSIONS (3-5 people) as low as 30.00 per session**

All pricing includes strength training/conditioning, fitness assessment, biometrics (body fat test, etc.), and individualized nutritional coaching

* per person - based on purchase of 20 session package

**3 person class – 40.00 per session, 4 person class – 35.00 per session, 5 person class – 30.00 per session













150.00 per session - Single Session 

Still a little gun shy? Want to dip your toe in the water before diving in? Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single lunge. Pony up!

140.00 per session (1400.00 pkg) - 10 sessions

Alright, now you’ve made the decision to jump start your program and the package of 10 is a great beginning! This package usually lasts 5 weeks and will establish a firm fitness foundation (assuming of course you put in the bare minimum of 2x week).

120.00 per session (2400.00 pkg) - 20 sessions

Now we’re talking. You’ve definitely committed to taking charge of your well-being. You are bound and determined to be fit, and you put your money where your mouth is (saving $20.00 per session doesn’t hurt, either..) No turning back this time. Bring it on!

80.00 per HALF session (800.00 pkg) - 10 sessions 

A HALF session lasts approximately 40 minutes and consists of non-stop, high intensity work. No pussies allowed. (Its how I personally workout)

*Remember - the more, the merrier. Working out is always easier with someone sweating beside you. Semi-Privates (groups of up to 5 people) make training more fun and less expensive. Ask me about semi-private sessions!

1000.00 pkg (5 sessions)

Let’s say you’re fit, you workout regularly, eat what you know you should most of the time, but just want to toss it up a little. Or perhaps, you’re a slave to the iron already and want to experience the kind of joy only felt by swinging a kettlebell between your legs, but were afraid of ending up ass over elbow in front of the men (or ladies). If this sounds like you, this option offers solutions to get out of any fitness rut. Based on your needs, goals, interests, pain threshold, and whatever else I deem interesting, I will design a complete 6 week program for you to have and to hold, plus 4 hours of personalized instruction. Great for athletes, gym rats and anyone who wants to step it up.
PLEASE NOTE: This is for experienced clients ONLY. It is specifically intended for program design.


Payment can be made by cash, check, or Amex/Visa/MC/Discover (swiped using Squareup)