Kettlebells come in ‘poods’ which is an old Russian measure of weight which equals 16kg or about 35 lbs


   1 lb. of fat=3500 calories
Try eliminating 500 empty calories a day and see what happens.
Sodas, alcohol (let's face it, drunk and fat is no way to to go through life...), and designer coffee drinks are a good start.
A frappuccino packs over 400 calories!! (and its damn expensive, too!)




  • helps train for power and “true” strength
  • endless possibilities for exercises
  • more efficient for total body workout
  • cardio and strength training in under an hour
  • portable, hand-held gym that can replace most equipment
  • highly addictive!








It doesn’t get any more Pure and Simple than this, folks. Kettlebells are old school, really old. Before steroids, breast implants, protein shakes and designer supplements, there was the kettlebell. With roots that go back over a century to Czarist Russia, kettlebell lifting has been as much a Russian pastime as vodka and pickle juice (to cure the hangover, of course), delivering asswhuppins’ to the world’s most famous strongmen. Raw, retro, and portable, KB lifting has made a serious comeback in recent years offering results unlike traditional free-weight lifting. KB s offer more than free weights because of their unique shape. Resembling a cannonball with a handle, kettlebells become “alive” in your grip due to the displacement of gravity. Take a dumbbell in your hand, it’s center of gravity is balanced within your grip with weight evenly distributed on both sides. Gripping a kettlebell becomes a balancing act due to the fact that it’s center of gravity is about 8 inches from your hand. One of the best tools for developing strength, flexibility, power and endurance, kb can be swung, pressed, pulled and whatever else you can dream up. KB as a system of training is unique because it straddles both strength and cardio training. Upon your first heart pounding set of two handed swings you may find it takes several minutes to bring your heart rate down. Thus, KBs offer a way to alter body composition without the use of endless cardio kickboxing classes and mindless treadmill sessions. “How, then, will I lose fat,” you ask? Fat loss by KB training can be explained by the metabolic expenditure required to heave and ho them around. Turns out, this type of expenditure releases growth hormone which in turn promotes fat for fuel. Here’s top strength coach Charles Poliquin to explain:

“Here’s the idea: If you generated a lot of lactic acid during your weight lifting sets, your body will then produce more growth hormone. Growth hormone helps your body release fatty acids from your fat cells, which you then use for energy. Result: you get muscle from lifting weights and you lose fat”

How ‘bout that? Dropping bodyfat without a single spin class…Simple, yes. Easy? Not really, since this effect demands concentrated effort for durations that can last longer than the typical free weight set.

Kettlebells are hardcore but accessible to everyone due to the variety in weight. Start with mastering a few skills with light weight and progress in weight and intensity. Before you know it, you have become an iron ball loving monster! So shut up and start snatching and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.