-         24 Hr notice needed for cancellation (I’m not a complete tyrant. If you wake up and you are deathly ill, I’m not going to charge you. Oh, and by the way HUNGOVER ≠ ILL)

-       Sessions last approximately 60 minutes, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less. It all depends on if we complete the program for that day

-        Sessions end with an assisted sport stretch on my table (always a nice way to finish after getting your ass kicked). In the interest of time, this applies to private and tandem sessions ONLY.

-       Sessions are sold in packages and as single sessions. If a package is purchased, payment is due before the first session begins (this does not include the FREE trial session).


This calendar updates as the day goes on, so keep checking availability. No sessions are ever performed before 5.30a or after 9p. Get some sleep, dammit!