Not a fan of the outdoors?

Many of my clients, fed up with the inflated "fancy" gym prices, train with me @ BURN FITNESS.

It's located on the 3rd St. Promenade (above, of all places, McDonalds), is cleaner than the super "fancy" gym down the street, costs about HALF as much per month, and there is no contract needed (so if you want to cancel your membership, they don't require a years notice....). AWESOME!!


Live in Downtown Los Angeles Area? Well I happen to LOVE Downtown and I'm looking for downtown denizens who have gyms in their buildings. There are so many awesome workout areas that have been put into these buildings downtown that go unused. Let's use them!! SPECIAL OFFER FOR DOWNTOWN RESIDENTS ONLY: 2 FREE sessions (in addition to a free trial session) with the purchase of a package (10 minimum)



I train in the Santa Monica area, Pacific Palisades, Hancock Park, and Downtown Los Angeles.  Visiting ? I also train in Los Angeles area hotels . Let’s face it, we have, arguably, the best weather in the U.S. and I take advantage of that by training at Crescent Bay Park (overlooking the Pacific Ocean. See pics above). Join me and maybe you’ll see a dolphin or two playing in the surf! I also do in-home training at no extra charge.