Question:  Hi. I was wondering if you use kickboxing in your workouts?


– Stacy K.

Answer: No. Why not? It’s just not my thing. I have no interest in kickboxing, but have nothing against it. There are plenty of trainers out there who incorporate it into their workouts, but I don’t.

Thanks for asking

–   Frankie

Question: Do you use those TRX straps for your clients? I saw people using them in the gym and they look so cool!


-   Sam A.

Answer: Nope. And I don’t teach Crossfit (my goal isn’t to make you the “fittest person on the planet.” I just want to get you in the best shape of your life), or Zumba, or those weights that shake, or Hip Hop Yoga, or whatever the latest fad is. I reckon the “trendiest” tool I use is Kettlebells and if they’re a fad, it’s been a pretty long lasting one. I teach bare bones fitness. I know what works, stick with it, and make it palatable/entertaining/challenging for my clients. I teach you how to workout smarter (I  won’t lie – you must work hard) , eat better, and use cardio more efficiently – all in a shorter period of time.

Thanks for asking

- Frankie




“In times of change the learner will inherit the earth while the learned are beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists”-Eric Hoffer


Frankie Cooper -  A.C.E.,  N.A.S.M CPT (Founder) Has been training for 11 years and has been a Tier III trainer @ Equinox in Chicago and California, and a Master Pro Trainer @ Spectrum Club. His specialties include kettlebells, nutritional coaching, cardio prescription, pre/post natal, and post rehab training. His clients include celebrities such as Hilary Swank, Lori Petty, Dennis Quaid, Jason Isaacs, and Kadeem Hardison, as well as executives and superheroes (or at least they train like ones) throughout Southern California. His training philosophy can be summed up with the phrase “Change is not comfortable.”

  Think about it. What changes in your life, from which you’ve grown as a person, were comfortable? You probably can’t think of any, right? Stress and challenges help us grow if we know how to use them to our advantage. Working out is no different. Training forces your body to perform tasks that are foreign to it. It doesn’t like it. It’s not comfortable. Well, time to grow a pair, because there is no easy way to be fit. Getting in shape takes hard work, but there is a smarter, more fun way to get there. Frankie is your tour guide. Sometimes you’ll curse him, sometimes you’ll hug him, but follow his lead and you’ll reach your goals (and them some), laughing all the way (ok, most of the way….).

 Frankie can be seen on the upcoming “SuperFit” program, featuring host, Mace Bendewald (director/producer of the P90X series), and is currently in pre-production for the following workout DVD’s: Knocked Up and Fit (pre-natal fitness for women who have regularly worked out pre-pregnancy), Wedding Dress Workout (dress specific workouts to highlight the body parts that everyone will talk about weeks after the wedding), and 30 minutes or Less (balls-to-the-wall workouts that incorporate every joint articulation, in every plane of motion, in half the time, with twice the intensity).